Sunday, February 1, 2009

Buy Coriander For Your Diet!

Hello Bloggers!

Happy Sunday to all! Go Cardinals! Anyway just a quick note on one of our very popular spices Coriander.

Did you know that Coriander was one of the first known spices to be used in the world? Yes it is one of the oldest documented spices in use today! Imagine if that little plant could talk! :-) We use Corainder in many of our recipes as well as sell lots of it in our herb store. We sell the organic Coriander powder here for $8.99 per pound. It comes packed in our reusable and resealable foil flavor savor bags.

The powdered version is used often for diet drinks believe it or not. Yes you can maybe help shed a few pounds with a fresh health smoothie with Coriander. Sounds funny though I will say! Try your next veggie or fruit smoothie with a little Coriander, Cinnamon, and Green Tea! Get all your specialty herbs and spices organic and all natural at or! We would love to talk to you!

Coriander is from the carrot and parsley plant family. It is actually called Chinese Parsley to many. The seeds and leaves can be eaten but they have different tastes. Coriander is quite nutritious, being rich in Vitamin C, calcium phosphorus and beta carotene. Research carried out in the United States suggests that Coriander may be beneficial for lowering blood-cholesterol. In lab experiments carried out with diabetic mice, Coriander also showed the effect of lowering blood sugar level. Coriander even contains antibiotic substances that can prevent some forms of food poisoning.


Stephen C. Sharp