Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Onion Powder Tips - Florida Herb House

Here at Florida Herb House we sell a few different types of onion powders. Our favorite is our toasted onion powder. This gives the perfect seasoning to soups, meats, and various pasta dishes. Many people do ask us for tips on using our all natural onion powder so here we go.

The history of the onion is an interesting story. The onion is believed to have originated in Asia, though it is likely that onions may have been growing wild on every continent. Dating back to 3500 BC, onions were one of the few foods that did not spoil during the winter months. Our ancestors must have recognized the vegetable’s durability and began growing onions for food.

The onion became more than just food after arriving in Egypt. The ancient Egyptians worshipped the onion, believing that its spherical shape and concentric rings symbolized eternity. Of all the vegetables that had their images created from precious metals by Egyptian artists, only the onion was made out of gold.

Onion powder is made by grinding dehydrated onion into a powder. It isn't as pungent as fresh onions, but it's a great time-saver.

Onion flakes - (1 teaspoon onion powder = 1 tablespoon dried onion flakes) 
Onion - (1 teaspoon onion powder = 1/3 cup chopped onion) 

Onion is being used for centuries not just to add flavor to foods but also for its therapeutic properties. Onion have an antibacterial and antifungal properties. Some people mixed vinegar with onion juice and apply it in their freckles and warts, it is believed that it can remove/reduce this skin problems.

Red variety

Nutritive Values of Onions : Per 100 gm.
  • Vitamin A : 50 I.U.
  • Vitamin B :
  • Vitamin C : 9 mg.
  • Calcium : 32 mg.
  • Phosphorus : 44 mg.
  • Potassium : 300 mg.
  • Carbohydrates : 10.3 gm.
  • Protein : 1.4 mg.
  • Calories : 45
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